Fancy a Double?

Last night, the Malvern Cube (formerly know as the Malvern Youth Centre) hosted a raucously entertaining evening of Poetry double acts brought together by Catherine Crosswell.

Jai Hill, otherwise known as The Malvern bard, was the master of ceremonies for the night, starting the evening with football chants, wearing large star sunglasses and dressed in Knights Templar uniform! Within minutes of coming on stage, he had set up a elaborate drinking game involving reciting “Charge of The Light Brigade” and a funnel. He later returned for another drinking game involving the poem “There’s a W*****r on the train” and to recite his own poem about the secret entrance to Hydrophonic Narnia in a Malvern wardrobe.

The first act on was a surreal performance from Tim Cranmore and Robyn. Robyn opened with an appraisal of the intricacies of music and some cello playing, before being joined by Tim and his musical carrot!

What followed was a bizarre conversation about the henceforth unknown role of carrots in history and religion with some fitting vegetable-themed limaricks

A union of carrot and cello. “Only in Worcestershire” I thought

Next up were “The Very Grimm Brothers” featuring Grimm Ade Mealing and Grimm John Denton. Holding out open arms, Ade introduced their act saying to us:

“the only thing that cheers us up is you!”

Ade was the words man, whilst John was the Teller to his Penn, keeping an aura of mystery whilst providing the musical element to their team on guitar. Their act married funky, swinging music with protest themes, satire and nostalgia with the feeling of tales around a campire

One of their new musical poems was written especially in honour of the venue: “The Malvern Cube, the Malvern Cube, get down get lucky at the Malvern Cube” – Being a Malvernite for as long as I can remember, hearing this surreal Groovy Ruralism about towing your horse to the Hills and polishing the beacon was just wonderful.

Ade and John worked brilliantly together riffing to each other – with playful banter and great characterization and an infectious zest for life!

After the break, we were treated to Amy Rainbow and Gary Longdon performing together as The Imperfect Pair.

Loyal to their name, they came on bickering from the start!

Together they took us through the minefield of relationships, coupling, searching for your ideal partner and settling down after years of discos and tight trousers. They interacted with each other with sharp banter and call and response with each poem. Even when only one of them was speaking, they were both performing!

Their five-part poem: “I Don’t: A Polite Refusal” was a terrific example with this as they sparred with one another with such a range of emotions from cutting and bitter, to loving and affection (for at least a second anyway).

Finally, Catherine Crosswell and Lindsey Warnes Carroll came on with their musical poetry performances randomly selected by audience from their Alligator of Poetry!

This has been the most striking poetry experience I’ve ever been too. It was very much after the watershed poetry with a great deal of X-rated themes. One of the songs was on the theme of drunken nights out on the pull and I felt it resonated with many of the audience members.

A lot of their acts featured alternations of well-known songs from the Bee Gees, Abba and The Proclaimers. I may never listen to those songs again without grinning and thinking about this night!

On the whole, it was very naughty, unrepressed fun that had us rolling in laughter!

Pictures of the performances are available on Facebook:

Be sure to check out future events at the Malvern Cube as in continues to host entertaining performances throughout the year!

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