Michael Meacher takes us through the riddle of human existance

The evening started at 7 O’clock with the Right Honourable Michael Meacher MP. It was such a delight to encounter a politician with such humility, good humour and conviction. He came to the White House Hotel in Worcester  ( http://www.worcesterwhitehouse.co.uk/ )  to give a talk about his latest book “Destination of the Species: The Riddle of Human Existance”


Having served as the Labour MP for Oldham West and Royton since 1997, Meacher’s talk managed to stay politically neutral, drawing on his background in philosophy mixed with scientific knowledge of the world and his observations of the way humans govern and interact with the world.

He stated that his book was not designed to present new scientific findings by to narrate the journey taken by our world to become what is is today, look into what the future holds and to pose questions around these issues such as “What does this really mean?” and “Why is this important?” Questions we need to at least consider to work out where we’re going as a species.

In his talk, he brought up some very interesting debates such as “Are humans really the pinnacle of evolution?” We possess intelligence, technology, and dominance over the world, but, as a species, we lack wisdom and restraint. His argument for the continuation of the species is that we need to realise our destinies not in power, competition and control but through co-operation, balance with the world and creative planning.

It was a truly insightful and thought-provoking evening with a lot of debate following questions from the audience. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay for much of the Q&A as I had to take off to get to the History of Worcester in 45 minutes by the Worcester Pub Theatre Company at the Art House Cafe. Stay tuned!

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