Music, Poetry, Loops and Lyrics

The last event of the night, and it was time for something completely different! I arrived at Drummonds   partway through the show and was greeted with the most unusual performance. Martin Christie was up on stage reciting poetry; musical poetry; electric musical poetry. It was so strange, and lyrical and hypnotic I’m having a hard time describing it now (as you can possibly tell).

Christie seemed to be recording his voice on one microphone and using that recording (almost instantly) to turn it into a backing track with various effects to give the effect that he was being accompanied by many other Martin Christies! He also used a little red box (which he called something like the ‘Chaosometre’) to create this brilliant backing track as he went along. The song that really stuck in my head was about ‘loopy juice’ – which I think may audience members had their fair share of that night!

Even after the show officially ended, there was much music and poetry to be had as Christie jammed and riffed with fellow musical poets, Mister Morrison and Ray Antrobus (who had been performing earlier, but unfortunately I’d missed)

Samples of Martin’s work can be seen here, but I recommend going to see him live to get the full experience if you get a chance:

You can also find Ray Antrobus on  his Write Out Loud Profile:

Mister Morrison can be found performing on local performance poetry circuits, so keep an eye out for his performances!

For photos, follow the link below:

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