The History of Worcester in 45 minutes and then some with the Worcester Pub Theatre Company

The second event of the evening was held up in The Arthouse Cafe. We were treated to a journey through time by the Worcester Pub company as they took us from the cavemen (and women) who lurked on the bogs by the river severn, that would one day become the city of Worcester all the way up to present day.

Their show featured sketches at different time periods in history including village people trying to hide the Worcester Cathedral for tax reasons, a marketing meeting with a mysgynistic, out of touch, King Charles and his advisors on the eve of the Battle of Upton, and a domestic scene between Edward (eddy) Elgar and George Bernard Shaw!

After a quick interval, we were treated to more entertainment as they performed a variety of improvisation games with material being made up right on the spot based on suggestions from the audience. It was another laugh out loud night!

The Worcester Pub Theatre Company meets every Wednesday at the Albion Pub on Bath road at 7:30. They are open to more participants, so if you fancy trying your hand at some improvisation, feel free to show up and have a laugh!

For photos follow the link below:

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