Oh What A Night (Nothing to do with Frankie Valli & The Fours Seasons)

The WLF can represent quite a challenge when it comes to spreading yourself over a number of events.

I started last night at the Whitehouse Hotel taking a few shots of Michael Meacher who’d come to give a talk as part of the Festival. He was a lovely chap who seemed happy to sit and chatter to a bloke with a camera. I left there as he was about to start his presentation but the smashing Lucy MT was taking photos from thereon in so all was well.

Next stop? The Arthouse Café. I love the laid back style of this venue and in a ramshackled way, it’s a good place to take photos. The History Of Worcester In 45 Minutes? Also a good place to grab a bite to eat between taking pics. Great turn out and everyone just loved the audience participation stuff. Maggie in flat shoes, eh? Never thought I’d see the day!

Final segment of the evening was a walk over town to Drummonds. Great line -up of poets and musicians. By the time I wandered in, the mellow second half was about to get underway and Loopy Juice was about to hit our senses. Mstr Morrison and Ray Antrobus even got hauled up to jam with the amazing Martin Christie. Quite a sight, I must say.


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