Parole Parlate – Festival Special

The team at the Worcestershire Literary Festival hold a spoken word event at Little Venice ( ) called Parole Parlate. The name comes from the Italian phrase; “The Spoken Word” Poets and performers alike can perform their written works at these shows held at 7:30pm on the first Thursday of every month. This month however, Parole Parlate came on June 21st for a Festival special edition.

Our first performer was a new comer, Dori K. She had contacted the festival earlier with an interesting short story entitled ‘Resonance’. It was a story about becoming finally tuned, like a string instrument and being able to resonate with one another and your own truth. There was a particularly striking scene at a party, where the party guests represented different ‘truths’ such as anger, sadness and pain. A very thought-provoking start to the evening

The next performer was Chris Kingsley, whose poems featured political satire and going through lifestyle changes, both of which were in the theme of the Muppets – a theme that was particularly apparent in his poem about voting and the current government!

Next on was Julie Bowden, a former Birmingham Poet Laureate. In light of Father’s Day just gone, she had a proud poem which served as an ode to hard-working fathers everywhere. All of her poems were very rhythmical and took us on emotional journeys.

Amy Rainbow and Gary Longdon, ‘The Imperfect Couple’ returned having performed for the festival on Saturday at the Malvern Cube. As usual, they had great, cutting banter with jibes at each other from the start, but this time they did a few solo performances. Amy’s “I’d Like To Teach The World To Rhyme” was a wonderful ode to words. Gary’s poem “The Word Police” was in a similar vein and lamented the regulation and even elimination of old words. They finished with another classic, two versions of the same love story.

Next, was a rather special performance. Earlier in the day, David Calcutt had formed a small group of poets: our new poet laureate, Maggie Doyle, Julie Bowden, Sarah James and Lyndsey Stanberry-Flynn. This team wandered the city of Worcester, writing down inspiration that came to them and formulated it all into a single Choral Poem which they all performed to us. It was hugely emotive, taking scraps from the story of their day and of the City.

After the break, we had a poem by Euginia Herlihy about the Literary Festival.

Next was Suz Winspear, who came out with some of her favourites from the year, including her two poems she performed in the poet laureate competition and her Evil Trees poem ended with her wonderful trademark cackle!

And now for something completely different, Al Barz. His poetry came with keyboard accompaniment, his words slotting in neatly with his music. He had a general swinging, 1980s video game style which made for great listening.

Next, came the youngest performer of the night, Chardonnay Jade. Despite being the youngest person in the room, she warned that her poems might be a little mature for the audience. Her poems were deeply personal with a dark edge relating to the monster within and attacking the idiotic and the superficial.

Mo the people’s nun made an appearance next with her book of Psalms, or as she called it, a list of complaints for the Almighty.

Next came Maggie Doyle, in her first official performance as our new poet laureate. We got the chance to hear her laureate-winning poems again as well as other poems inspired by her mischievous muse.

Finally, came Jan Watts, the current Birmingham Poet Laureate. She performed a variety of poems on the subject of picnics, first aiders and the reduced chiller at the supermarket.

Parole Parlate will return on July 5th at 7:30pm and will feature many talented performers.

Remember, we are always open to new acts, so if you want the chance to perform your own material, just drop us a line and the rest is history.

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