You Can’t Be Serious!

Entertainment is on the Worcester Writers Circle tonight! We were treated to a night of comedy at the Worcester arts workshop headlined by the talented Tony Judge! “No pressure Tony” we say as he takes the stand.

Tony proved to be an excellent master of ceremonies introducing each performer with beautiful comic descriptions. He started out by introducing us to the comic writers and saying that

“they are all in their own way laughable”

First up was Kevin Brooke who assured us that no animals came to harm in the writing of his story. His story was a hilarious series of gaffs around a woman looking after his neighbour’s dog.

Next was Mark Billen who thanked us for clapping before we’d even heard a word. Mark’s story was a culinary tale of a marrow rum that grew up as part of the family, acquiring ingredients over years.

Tana Durham was next with a hilarious geordie monologue as the family has misadventures on their holiday to France.

Tim Butler came on next with a detective story with a wonderfully over-cheerful detective and many other eccentric characters complete with accents aplenty!

Tana’s husband, Alan Durham (as a serial-flasher) read three flash fiction stories. These were on the themes of baffling bureaucracy, limericks and funny names!

Polly Robinson had some comedy poems for us tonight. She took us on a lyrical journey navigating accident prone husbands (sorry Geoff!), nostalgia and even had a musical number; “Let’s do it. Let’s write a blog!”

Rod Griffiths came on after the break with his scientific comedy, “String Theory” which explored the great questions of our age from robotics to why it his shoe-laces keep undoing themselves whilst strings get themselves tied in knots!

Michael R. Brush was the only performer who went off on a fantasy theme. A dwarvan mercenary is hunted by his most deadly enemy yet – his parents!

Damon Lord, going on the idea that laughter is the best medicine, read his satirical poem on the NHS.

Our final performance was by Sara Haywood, who took us on a battle of sobriety vs. good times and the space in between we all long to inhabit!

It was an excellent night and the audience left still smiling!

2 thoughts on “You Can’t Be Serious!

  1. I didn’t get to this event – and I’m really sorry I didn’t as you have a real gift for giving a real sense of each performance in just a sentence or two! But We will be at Reincarnation, Revenge and Wrecks this lunch time

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