A Double Header

I’ve been down at the Worcester University City Campus this afternoon for two more events. Things got under way with a talk by Sue Johnson and then we had the results of the 2012 Flash Fiction competition. Unfortunately I missed Ellie Stevenson’s talk about her new book ‘Ship of Haunts’, based around the Titanic and child migration, but I’m told it went really well and that Ellie is very well informed on her subject.

Amy Rainbow was a worthy winner of the flash fiction competition with two pieces in the top ten. The standard was amazing and the diversity of material commendable. There was nearly 100 entries so the popularity of this kind of writing is clearly huge.

Tomorrow sees our final events with the glorious conclusion to the WLF being the Poetry Slam at Drummonds in New Street Worcester. Yes, we’re up against England v Italy in the European Championships but I’m confident we can give a bunch of over paid, egotistical wimps with scarcely a brain cell between them a run for their money so see you at the Slam.


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