A Stanza of Poets and a Dog

The last time the WLF held a poetry walk on the Malverns, it ended up shrouded in mist. Better luck this time, the Midsummer Hill Walk – Summer Solstice event was blessed with a glorious sunny evening.

We were able to locate the splendid Maggie Doyle on her bench with no complications on this occasion and she performed some of her evocative poems to an attentive audience.  (Even Molly, Io’s dog seemed taken with Maggie’s words.)

Wending our way onwards and upwards, we stopped at Clutter’s Cave to admire stunning views across into Herefordshire and to listen to Polly Robinson’s two poems – the opening one was an apt homage to the swifts that were darting spectacularly above us in the clear skies.

Strolling on through lengthening shadows, we happened upon the beautifully befrocked Jenny Hope who lurked at The Gullet.  Jenny captivated our group with some of her trademark ethereal poetry before we headed back up into the sunshine.  Making our way carefully up the ridge we eventually found Liz Hayden-Jones sitting admiring the views across the counties.  Leading us further up the hill, Liz read as the wind plucked at us and the sun dazzled us.

Before we headed back, Roy Sadler performed some of his swooping sonnets as we sipped on champagne to toast the Solstice.

Back at the Malvern Hills Hotel, we relaxed and enjoyed our food and drink as Polly hosted prose and poetry readings from various performers to round off a perfect evening.

Photo by Geoff Robinson www.2020zoom.com
Photo by Geoff Robinson

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