A Truly ‘HORRORble’ Night

Some of the country’s top selling horror writers gathered in Worcester on Wednesday as part of the Lit Fest. The city’s regular horror, sci-fi, fantasy and gothic spoken word event, 42 Worcester in partnership with Worcs Lit Fest, hosted a Horror Panel special featuring authors, Adam Millard, Dave Jeffery and Steve Byrne.

The first part of the evening saw some of 42 Worcester’s regular performers entertaining the audience.  Damon Lord got things off to a blood curdling start by creating a very uneasy atmosphere in the room with his werewolf poem.  Holly Magill then captivated the audience with her dark and sinister poetry.  Worcs Lit Fest committee member, Rod Griffiths served up a trademark, idiosyncratic short story that had the listeners both shuddering and laughing at the same time.   On a warm, sultry night, Mikel J Koven’s brand of sexually charged horror poetry kept the temperature sizzling then 42 Worcester’s resident goth, Suz Winspear, delivered a typical edgy performance.  42 Worcester’s regular compere, Andrew Owens closed the first third of the night with a short story of his own.

The unique horror panel, Adam Millard, Steve Byrne and Dave Jeffery took to the stage next, answering a variety of questions from people in the room.  The audience consisted of regular 42 Worcester supporters along with some new faces from exotic places such as Milton Keynes.

Adam has written thirteen novels and dozens of short stories that have appeared in anthologies.

Steve Byrne is the author of Phoenix, a story set in the Vietnam war.  Steve’s also had a number of short stories published, his latest one being included in the ‘No Monsters Allowed’ anthology.

Dave Jeffery scored a #1 best seller on Amazon with Necropolis Rising and its sequel, Necromancer: Necropolis Rising II will be out later this year.

Following on from a well received Q&A session, the third part of the evening saw all three writers perform some of their own work on stage.


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