Branding WLF – the poll

Hi all – first of all, welcome and thank you for coming to vote.

This is a temporary site until we’ve established our new name and worked out exactly how we’ll move forward. You’ve demonstrated your support and goodwill towards our committee members – we won’t forget what you said on Facebook and at ‘Parole in Exile’ and long may that wonderful support continue.

Now we’d like your help, please.

As you know, the committee wish to work by consensus. In this poll we ask you to select one of the names listed for our new start.

Worcestershire Literary Festival is retained as an umbrella title because the name is registered with Companies House, but we can refer to our events in a different way, so choose your favourite and we’ll announce the new name at the open meeting planned for 19 September at St Swithun’s Institute, The Trinity, Worcester WR1 2PN – more info will be on our Facebook page soon.

3 thoughts on “Branding WLF – the poll

  1. Oooh – can’t vote. Need space for the essay answer 😉 For me the name needs to arise out of what sort of festival/event it’s going to be eg. if it’s primarily for writers and people interested in writing then ‘Write on Worcestershire’ is a great name. If it’s more for readers or for readers and writers then I’d stick with LitFest or similar. But I’d pick content first and name second…

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