Halloween with LITtle Fest

LITtleFest Halloween Photos by Andy Kirk of Andy's Magic
LITtleFest Halloween Photos by Andy Kirk of Andy’s Magic

What a brilliant time was had at the LITtleFest Halloween event at St John’s Library. The pictures give you some idea, but you had to be there to experience the thrill of circa 400 people coming into the building to enjoy Andy’s Magic, Animal Mania, pumpkin carving, story telling and much much more, including carrot carving [into a recorder! Yes, a carrot became a playable recorder!]

Here’s what Andy Kirk of Andy’s Magic said about the event on Facebook [https://www.facebook.com/worcslitfest]:

‘What a day it was at the 1st ever LITtle Fest Event – Halloween at St John’s Library.

It was great to meet the staff and all those that turned up. Around 400 people passed through those doors in little over 2 hours – truly amazing.

In the photo above we see Andy’s Magic (that’s me, folks) busily making balloon sculptures; this was after a short 15 minute magic show that the children thoroughly enjoyed. Animal Mania were on hand with a wonderful array of strange and exotic creatures. And, Worcester’s newly appointed Poet Laureate, Tim Cranmore, carved a carrot into a recorder and then played us some lovely tunes on it.

There was also pumpkin carving, refreshments, a tombola, story-telling and more.

I know lots of folks took photos of the event, let’s hope they appear on here at some point.’

For those of you who enjoyed Andy’s Magic yesterday, here’s a link to his email address: Andy’s Magic

Great news, Andy! Hannah aka Minkie Captures has sent us these great photos:

Angela Lloyd-James will be sending photo’s for us to show on this page soon, too.

And here’s what Worcs LitFest & Fringe director, Martin Driscoll said:

‘We had to move Animal Mania into the largest available room due to popular demand. The pumpkin carving had to be extended again by a late run to the Co-op for more…

Everyone at LitFest is giving a massive shout out to our stalwart friends and supporters so big up’s for: Tana Durham, Alan Durham, Polly Robinson, Mark Robbins, Jennifer Bogan, Suz Winspear [the daylight gothess], Karen Spicer [nee Karen King], ‘Lady Di’ [Polly’s friend], Andy Kirk [the amazing balloon animal wrangler!] and a frankly amazing unplanned performance from the Poet Laureate Tim Cranmore who stunned the children by turning carrots into recorders AND then got great music out of them …  lovely to see so many of our friends, poets, storytellers along with their children also, we made a lot of new friends and huge thanks go out to Paul Etheridge the library manager and his great team and to our sponsors who help us fund these charity projects that mean so much to us all.’

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