The lucky winners of prizes in our BIG FAT RAFFLE are:

Black Grouse Whisky- Donated by Tesco St Peter’s
Winner- Malcolm Woodcock

Prosecco- Donated by Tesco Warndon
Winner- Jayne Charles

Candles- Donated by Tesco Warndon
Winner- Alison Absolute

Meal for Two- Donated by Toby Carvery Bath Road
Winner- David Bandey

Beauty Treatment- Donated by ‘Treat’ Beauty Therapy
Winner- Cathy G

Nail Polish & Teabags- Donated by ‘You’ Friar Street
Winner- Michelle Crosby

Cecil Duckworth signed Autobiography
Winner- Joy Squires

‘Horrid Henry’ & ‘Horrid Henry’s House’ by Francesca Simon
Winner- Stamford Cartwright

£25 gift voucher- Donated by Anja Potze
Winner- Zoe Parker

Farm Experience- Donated by Atwood Bank Farm
Winner- Kelly Hill

Golf Experience- Donated by Bank House Hotel & Golf Club
Winner- Neil Stacks

Lunch for Two- Donated by Flames World Buffet & Restaurant
Winner- Aileen K

Hand Crafted Beauty Box- Donated by Lush
Winner- Grace Elliot

Leather Bracelet- Donated by Pandora
Winner- James

Blossom Hill Red Wine- Donated by Sainsbury’s Wardon
Winner- Kevin Duncan

Family Portrait Experience- Donated by Sub-Studio Photography
Winner- Nicola Whiting

‘The Lamb ho Came to Dinner’- Written by Joella Dreidemy
Winner- Joe Allsopp

Fresh Water Pearl & Silver Pendant- Donated by Jill Wheelock-Lines
Winner- Ian Whiting

2 original hand drawn framed prints- donated by Mike Alma
Winner- Simon De Vos

Champagne- Donated by Liz Hayden-Jones
Winner- Rod Griffiths

Twenty Pound Tesco Voucher- Donated by Liz Hayden-Jones
Winner- Luke Willmore

Gran Familia Red Wine- Donated by Liz Hayden-Jones
Winner- Max McFarlane

Soft Green Summer Scarf- Donated by Halo Friar Street
Winner- Letween

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