Introducing: Poetry on Demand!

LitFest POD poster

Worcester LitFest and Fringe are delighted to introduce a new event in Worcester! This Saturday – August 27th – we will be bringing Poetry on Demand to Worcester City Centre, and we’re hoping to see as many of you there as possible.

From 11am to 3pm local poets, and members of the LitFest and Fringe committee, will be on-hand at the Bookbenches in Chapel Walk, CrownGate, to pen poetry on tap – no pressure! The idea is that you – yes, you, anyone reading – can come along and have a sit down natter with one of our poets and after you’ve had a little catch up with them, they will then write a poem about you – or about a topic of your choosing, if you’d prefer (as long as you promise to not be too mean to them).

There will be face-painting happening nearby as well, so this is a brilliant bit of a fun for your Saturday, especially if you have little ones along for a day out.

So this weekend, come and see us, have a natter, and leave with a lovingly-crafted poem that’s yours to keep!

For further information please contact:

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