Worcestershire LitFest and Fringe: The Final Countdown!

It’s been another wild couple of days for the Worcestershire LitFest and Fringe team! Wednesday night we welcomed The Anti Poet with open arms to appear at our Festival 42 Special. An evening devoted to gothic, horror, and sci-fi literature, a host of marvellous open mic performers were rolled out ahead of our headliners taking to the stage. The venue was packed and performance-ready from the off for this formidable pair of (anti) poets and by all accounts they did not disappoint! A stellar evening was had by all down at Drummonds and we’d like to thank everyone who attended, and everyone who performed, for making this such a crackin’ event in the LitFest calendar.

Last night saw the return of LitFest’s monthly open mic event, SpeakEasy, also celebrating its festival special and my, oh my, what a special it was! The outrageous Pete the Temp took to the stage as the featured artist for festival month and he, in no uncertain terms, WOWed the audience entirely with his energy, his enthusiasm, and his beautiful words. Couple this with the fact that we had both Suz Winspear AND Nina Lewis performing, with a wealth of open mic talent squeezed in between, and it really was a wonderful evening.

It’s the final countdown for the LitFest now, folks, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that we’re slowing down at all. We may only have three days left BUT we’ve still got FIVE events for you to choose from! We’ve got quizzes, we’ve got workshops, AND we’ve got Sunday’s slam-tastic finale to look forward to, so have another browse through the programme and get yourselves booked in for what promises to be an entertaining send-off for this year’s festival.

2 thoughts on “Worcestershire LitFest and Fringe: The Final Countdown!

  1. Fantastic Polly! Anti-poet, I’m sure that will keep the poets listening closely. It also reminds me of my first slam. I had to see what it was all about and just couldn’t handle the thought of poetry being competitive. Being older and not the same ethnic group as most of the participants, I got some funny looks. When they did a bit of open mic, I got up and read one of my signature pieces. I was invited back to be the featured artist. Do you hear the creaking as an old mind opens a bit? 🙂

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