To Polly – time to say goodbye, and thank you!

It is with a hint of sadness and a flutter of excitement that we make this announcement, but the LitFest and Fringe team feel that now is the time to make this official.

At the end of last year Polly Stretton, one of three festival Directors, long-time committee member, and always-friend, decided it was time to leave LitFest. Other opportunities were made available to Polly and, after a long stint with the festival team, she rightly decided that now was the time to grasp those opportunities and run with them!

Polly has worked tirelessly with us over the years. She has devoted time, energy, and patience to the festival – and the committee members – and she has always provided guidance and support. We will miss her influence – already miss her, in fact – terribly, but she remains a festival friend and always will be.

To Polly: We thank you dearly, for everything, and we wish you all good things with whatever doors open next.

The exciting part of this change, of course, is that we now make room for a new Director. After much discussion between committee members and remaining Directors alike, we are pleased to announce that Charley Barnes will be taking over as one of three festival Directors, effective from now.

Charley is delighted – and a wee bit scared, given the size of the shoes left to fill – to be taking on this role, and she is excited to see what her first festival as a Director will bring with it.

Stay tuned to see what happens next…


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