Festival Applications for LitFest 2018!

It’s about that time of year again when Worcester LitFest and Fringe usually throws the figurative doors open wide for festival applications. While this has been our practice in previous years, we’re delighted and saddened in equal measure to announce that 2018 will see a change or two to our festival programme – and, indeed, the application process.

After years of listening to our wonderful audiences, we have decided to scale down events for 2018, instead opting for a festival programme made up of in-house events, many of which will be manned by our trusty committee members and directors. Due to this, we will NOT be opening the doors for festival applications this year. Whether this will change again in the future, we don’t yet know ourselves, but for this year at least LitFest are trying something different, and we sincerely hope that you’ll support the change.

To those who have already contacted us about applications, we kindly thank you for your interest and ask that you stay tuned for future opportunities to work with us.

For now though, sit back, and stay tuned for our 2018 programme…

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