Worcestershire Poet Laureate needs YOU and your inspirational women!


Worcestershire Poet Laureate, Nina Lewis, is looking to mark International Women’s Day (March 8th) with a special kind of celebration this year. She’s put out an open call not for poetry, but for inspirational ladies in all forms! Nina is looking for submissions of the following:

  • A poem/poet to read.
  • Female inspirations – and why they inspire you! 
  • Influential women who got you into writing or supported this path for you (personal rather than famous.)
  • Something you have grown wise to in womanhood (that you may have wished you’d known sooner).

So if you have wise words – or indeed, wise women – that you want the world to know about then now is your time to share them! All submissions should be sent to worcspl@gmail.com with the subject heading IWD. Submissions MUST be sent before March 6th, as Nina will need time to read submissions and compile them before the day itself. It’s also worth noting that you can submit anonymously – as long as you make this wish clear in your email.

For a closer look at Nina’s plan you can have a peek at her personal blog by clicking here.

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