The morning after the finale before – From LitFest with Love


What a festival week it’s been! We started off with our launch on Sunday, June 10th, where one Worcestershire Poet Laureate was thanked and praised, and another Worcestershire Poet Laureate was crowned and welcomed. Nina Lewis has been a credit to this county’s literary scene and we are, as an entire team, delighted to have worked with her over the last twelve months. However, we are equally delighted to be welcoming Betti Moretti into the laureate role, and we cannot wait to see what her twelve months in the post will bring.

From the launch we moved through Worcester Writers’ Circle’s annual showcase, Suz Winspear’s Night at the Museum, and then we cruised into the firm favourites of 42, SpeakEasy, and the festival quiz, bringing everything to a head on Saturday, June 16th, with our double whammy slam (another congratulations to Kevin Brooke and Io Osborn who bagged the flash fiction slam champ and poetry slam champ titles respectively).

Now it’s all over and we can, as a team, breathe a sigh of relief, it seems only right that we extend our love and gratitude to the unofficial committee members of LitFest – which is, of course, the audience members who turn up to event after event, year after year, to support us.

You were there so you know exactly how our 2018 festival went down, and we just want to take a moment to thank you for it. Thanks to every judge, every performer, everyone who has emailed, telephoned, rallied around and supported in one way or another. It has been an absolute blast and you will never know just how sincere we’re being when we say that we really couldn’t have done it without you all.

We’ll all go into hiding for a bit now to recover – until the July SpeakEasy, that is – but know that we are both knackered and exceptionally grateful, and we think you’re all flippin’ lovely! We’ll be back with a bang next year —

From LitFest, with love xxx

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