Competition: Truth and Confession

Roll up, roll up! It’s time for a competition.

The theme for National Poetry Day (October 3rd) is Truth. In a radical interpretation of theme, Charley Barnes, Worcestershire Poet Laureate, is launching a competition on the theme of Truth and Confessions.

This is a competition for all of the home truths, the harsh realities, and the things you won’t own up to – but with a twist.

Every single entry of this competition is to be anonymised. Charley acknowledges that people will be emailing their submissions, so things won’t be completely anonymous. That said, Charley will never part with the names of the poets and she will be judging this competition alone, so identities won’t be shared beyond the initial submission email.

So, here’s how to get involved:

  1. Get your home truths and confessions at the ready
  2. Ping them over to our competition email (which we’ll reveal later this week)
  3. Await the results

There a few aims for this competition overall. Firstly, entries for the competition will be £2 per poem but there’s no limit on how many poems any one person can submit. The reason that entries are £2 is because at the end of this experience, Charley would like to publish the longlisted poems as a small pamphlet, titled Anon. This will be a collection of the finest poems from the competition round-up and, even when they hit the printing press, we still won’t give your names away!

How does this tie in to National Poetry Day? Well, on the day itself Charley will arrange for an exhibition of longlisted poems to be displayed at The Hive, Worcester. There will also be readings of the poems taking place too. When longlisted poets are notified of their achievement, they will be invited along to read at the blessed event – providing they don’t mind their identities being shared. If, however, people would like to remain anonymous, then we can arrange for someone to read your poem on your behalf.

We’ve got a little bit of everything covered with this one!

The timeline for these events are:

  • August 2nd, competition opens
  • Midnight on September 2nd, competition closes
  • During the week of September 16th, longlisted poets will be notified
  • October 3rd, we celebrate!

So standby for the official competition launch on August 2nd (just a few days to wait).

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