WPL National Poetry Day Plans

Worcestershire Poet Laureate

– September 2020

Wow – what a fortnight! When I took to the stage for my first spoken word event 6 years ago, I never thought that I would be here as your poet laureate; I feel very proud! It’s been a real whirlwind planning for the first events of October – I am determined that current coronavirus restrictions will not deter creative forces, and am on a mission to share the love and hope created by our artistic community to all over the forthcoming year. We need this more than ever!

With National Poetry Day looking fast and large on the 1st October, this week is already busy planning, writing and recording. Not one to shy from a challenge, I have installed and learnt how to use video recording software to create a presentation video for the English Department at The Chase School, where I work as Headteacher’s PA, and will be delivering my first ever workshops this week to two A-level English Lit classes! The last time I was in a classroom was as a student (no, I’m not going to divulge how many centuries ago that was!!). We will also be installing a display of poems the students have written to this year’s National Poetry Day prompt of ‘Vision’ – I’m excited at the thought of reading them all!

The 1st October also sees the launch of an anthology by Mel Wardle-Woodend and Dreamwell Publishing to raise funds for Guide Dogs for the Blind. My talented youngest son, Liam, has had two photographs selected for the collection, and I have a poem in the anthology inspired by one of his photos entitled ‘Envisioned in a moment’. The launch will be online (as with everything at the moment), and I’m looking forward to a lovely evening of inspirational words and pictures. Well done to Mel and her team, and to all the contributors.

To ensure that I don’t have enough time to get up to mischief (my little thought-hamsters create enough havoc in my mind as it is!) I am also liaising with Worcester City Council and local independent businesses for an event to link with National Poetry Day (let’s make it a whole month, why not!?) bringing visions of hope and joy to people at a time when words can offer much needed comfort – watch this space and my social media for more details as this develops! There will be prizes, and the opportunity for tea and cake (got to love some sweet encouragement!).

Final thought, since I’m now living mine…….

If you really want to catch your dreams – you have to chase them.

Website: www.pixiemuse.wordpress.comFaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/PixieMusePoetry
YouTube: PixieMuse Poetry & Proseworcspoet2020-Leena[at]yahoo[dot]com

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